Seven years of ups and downs

By no means was it a bad game, but it certainly was not what most people were expecting from such an ambitious concept. It took a year and three…

Exploring the rise and fall of the battle royale genre…and perhaps its comeback

And why they don’t tend to stick around

The theater of the mind can be both obstacle and opportunity

Many games fall into the realm of being good enough to prod your imagination but not great enough to actually fulfill the promises they set up, ultimately leaving the player…

Even after a decade of investment and technological advancement, virtual reality remains a fickle technology. Headsets don’t always track correctly, controllers aren’t precise, and the software developed for it is barely functional at times. Regardless, it is the premier place for cutting-edge companies to showcase unique ideas and break into the industry. Even though we’ve barely figured out how to do camera movement properly, forward-thinking companies have already moved onto locomotion.

Investors from many different industries are interested in incorporating movement into VR applications. The military industry, already deeply involved with virtual reality, stands to benefit massively from these developments…

Re-examining Gen 4 and its undeserved middle child status

Get your retro rhythm freak on with this deceptively simple title

And the intricacies of an immersive experience

How does the groundbreaking title hold up after a half-decade of innovation?

As online storefronts increasingly become a free-for-all, how can players identify — and support — quality?

The proliferation of third-party and indie developers in the past few years has led to many groundbreaking titles, pushing forward video games as a medium. Unfortunately, the same mentality that allows anybody to become the next Toby Fox or Lucas Pope has opened the door to less savoury aspects of independent content…

Victor Li

Stories about Esports, Video Games, and the Internet. Twitter @victor_liii

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